Ridgeway Staff

Mr G Sterry Headteacher
Ms E Williams Deputy Headteacher
Mr O Fields Deputy Headteacher

Mr G Bancroft Assistant Headteacher / Quality of Education
Mr M Charles Assistant Headteacher / Quality of Education
Mr J Ducker Assistant Headteacher – Personal Development
Mr A Tyler Assistant Headteacher – Attendance and Behaviour
Mrs K Evans Assistant Headteacher – Mathematics
Mrs D Rogers Assistant Headteacher – Science
Mrs L Giannatos Assistant Headteacher – English

Mrs M Ashcroft Cleaner
Mrs A Bailey Teaching Assistant
Mr D Barney Network Coordinator
Ms C Batt Teacher of English
Mr J Beattie Year Leader – Year 11
Mr H Bellis Teacher of Maths
Ms E Bennett Lead Practitioner – English
Mr A Brown Teacher of Maths
Mr S Bryan Technician – Science / Health and Safety
Mr L Caplin Cleaner
Miss M Carey Vocational Coordinator
Mr A Casey Teacher of Music and DT
Miss K Caul Teacher of Languages
Mr D Chadwick Teaching Assistant
Miss L Clark Teacher of Maths
Mr R Clarke Teacher of P.E
Mr D Colley Nurture Teacher / Acting Senco
Miss R Cotter Lead Practitioner – Personal Development
Mr L Dalton Caretaker
Mrs I Deacon Receptionist and Communication
Mrs S Dean Teacher of Art
Mr P Devaney Music Tutor
Mr K Donoghue Pastoral Assistant – KS4
Mrs E Drzymala Teacher of Languages / Professional Mentor
Mr M Dunning Teacher of Business / Travel and Tourism
Miss G Eacott Teaching Assistant
Mr B Edwards Caretaker
Ms M Ellis Pastoral Assistant C+
Mr I Evans Hospitality and Catering Manager
Ms D Fagin Data and Intervention
Mr M Fahey Teacher of Science
Mrs C Farragher Catering Assistant
Mr J Farrell Caretaker
Mr M Foster Office Administrator
Mrs R Foulkes Catering Assistant
Mr J Frackleton Teacher of Science
Mrs J Frankland Lead Practitioner – Head of Performing Arts
Miss R Gaston Teacher of History
Mr A Gibbons Teacher of PE and Maths
Mr B Glover Cover Teacher
Ms H Grady Subject Coordinator Food
Miss H Green Teacher of PE and Geography
Mrs P Gresham Lead Practitioner – History
Miss J Grundy Student Voice Coordinator and Teacher of English
Mr G Halewood Attendance Officer
Mr M Hamill Year Leader – Year 10
Mrs L Harris Finance Assistant
Miss L Hawksworth Teaching Assistant
Mr A Heayns Year Leader – Year 7
Mrs K Hille Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Hillen Teaching Assistant
Ms E Hockenhull Lead Practitioner – Biology
Mrs A Hodgson Safeguarding and Attendance Officer
Mr T Hudson Teacher of Science
Miss G Hytner Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Hytner Head of MFL / Lead Practitioner / Leadership Development Coach
Ms R Jarvis MFL KS3 Coordinator
Mrs L Jenkins Computing and IT Coordinator
Miss J Johnson Pastoral Assistant
Mr J Jones Teacher of English
Ms L Jones Caretaker
Miss A Kavanagh Teaching Assistant
Miss K Keane Catering Assistant
Mrs K Keaney English Tutor / Medical and Intervention Officer
Miss J Kell Teacher of History and PE
Miss L Lamb Teacher of English
Ms E Logan Lead Practitioner – Geography
Mrs L Lord-Owens Subject Coordinator Travel and Tourism
Ms J Love Teacher of Performing Arts
Mrs H Lynn PA to the Headteacher / Office Manager
Mrs C Mackay Pastoral Assistant – KS4
Miss A Mansfield Teacher of PE and English
Mr W Marshall Technology Technician
Mr J Masterman Lead Practitioner – Maths
Miss C Maxwell Teaching Assistant
Mr J McCallion Teacher of Physics
Mrs M McCarthy Staff Absence / Cover / Site Coordinator
Mrs H McKevitt Office Administrator – SEN Support
Mrs H McKune Lead Practitioner – Literacy
Mrs R Merry Teaching Assistant
Mr S Metcalf Head of PE / Acting Professional Mentor
Mr F Monaghan Year Leader – C+
Mrs J Monaghan Cleaner
Mrs G Moran Year Leader – Year 8 / Personal Development Leader
Ms J Nicholson Catering Assistant
Ms K O’Hara Teacher of Maths Acting LP
Miss S Olle Pastoral Assistant – Year 9
Mrs L O’Rourke Leader of Technology and Art
Mr C Pagett Teacher of Chemistry
Ms L Parker Subject Coordinator – Business
Mr L Parker Lead Practitioner – Physics
Mr R Pennington Acting Head of Maths
Miss S Percival Teacher of PE
Mrs J Phillips Catering Assistant
Mrs F Rafferty Careers Advisor
Miss S Rainford Teacher of English
Miss C Rapple Subject Coordinator Art and Textiles
Mr P Redmond Education Welfare Officer
Mrs J Reynolds Assistant Cook
Mrs C Roberts Data and Exams Officer
Mr D Sabino Pastoral Assistant
Mr R Samples Cleaner / Catering Assistant
Ms C Sindall Lead Practitioner – Chemistry
Mr P Slane Year Leader – Year 9
Miss S Smith Reprographics
Mr N Speers Subject Coordinator Geography
Miss N Stanaway Teacher of English / DofE Coordinator
Miss L Stanway Pastoral Assistant – Year 8
Mr O Sterry Teaching Assistant
Ms V Stewart Technician – DT / Catering Assistant
Ms C Taylor Teacher of Art and Textiles
Mrs C Thomas Teaching Assistant
Miss C Thomas Teacher of English
Miss F Tibbles Teacher of English
Mr K Timms Lead Practitioner – English
Mr R Tubb Minibus Driver
Ms L Usher Finance Officer
Mrs J Vaughan Attendance Manager
Ms L Walton Teacher of English
Mr S White Teacher of Maths
Mrs Y Whittingham Cleaner
Mr M Worthington Lead Practitioner – Religious Education