Biometric Catering

As part of our commitment to introduce the best technology to support students and parents, we now use biometric authentication. This is a fingerprint system used by students to get school meals and snacks. This allows for speedy and secure transactions at the tills. To enable this system to happen, we need your permission to use your child’s biometric information (fingerprints). Please ensure that you have signed the Biometric Home-School Agreement, which gives your permission, and returned it to school.

Following concerns in the media regarding biometric finger recognition, please read the steps below that explain what we do and what we keep to enable the school’s systems to identify your child:

• Firstly we need to take a unique set of co-ordinates from your child’s finger
• To do this we take a temporary picture of your child’s finger
• The system then randomly selects up to twenty co-ordinates of line intersections from your child’s finger
• The system will then delete the picture of your child’s finger
• We DO NOT keep a copy of your child’s finger or fingerprint
• The data is held in school and is NOT accessible by any other external agencies, including the DfE.
• This makes any information we store unusable on any other system except the one installed in school.