Behaviour for Learning

Good behaviour is essential for a calm, orderly school environment and for effective teaching and learning. We work hard to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect in which outstanding personal conduct and behaviour underpin students’ learning experiences.

We believe in the importance of mutual respect and of treating others — whoever they may be and wherever they come from — with fairness, dignity and compassion.

Our Code of Conduct aims to ensure a calm, safe and orderly learning environment. It is made up of three simple rules:

  • Ready
  • Respectful
  • Safe

We are extremely keen to reward students when they behave well, work hard and participate enthusiastically in school life.

Our innovative approach to behaviour management aims wherever possible to deal with misconduct and misbehaviour in a non-confrontational manner. All teachers follow an agreed Classroom Action Plan to ensure a consistency of approach.

The use of build-and-repair conversations between teacher and student helps ensure that incidents are not escalated unnecessarily and reduces the need for additional sanctions.

However, in some cases it may be necessary to apply sanctions — including after-school detentions — and we trust that parents will support the school in such cases.

Staff may keep a student at the end of the day for ten minutes. If it is felt necessary to detain a student for a longer period, at least one day’s notice will be given via text message.

It is recognised that there may, on rare occasions, be a good reason why a student cannot be detained on a particular day. If this occurs, parents are asked to inform the school in writing so an alternative date can be arranged.

If necessary, sanctions are escalated. For more serious acts of misconduct, the school reserves the right to use isolation and fixed-term exclusion.

More about behaviour and how we reward and recognise excellent behaviour