Behaviour for Learning

At Ridgeway, we are focused upon providing supportive interventions to ensure that each child has a positive school experience and achieves successful outcomes.

Behaviour Policy

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The ‘Pivotal’ approach to behaviour management

Ridgeway staff have been trained in the Pivotal Education approach to behaviour management, which follows five pillars:

  • Consistent and calm approach
  • First attention to best conduct
  • Relentless routines
  • Script difficult behaviours
  • Restorative follow-up

Our positive approach is based around staff influencing and managing the choices students make about their behaviour. This is achieved through:

  • An emphasis on positive statements
  • Teaching students the social skills they need to be successful
  • Re-directing the students towards desired behaviour
  • Effective use of the rewards system

What do the five pillars involve?

Here is what implementing the five pillars means in practice:

1 Consistent and calm

Ensuring that, as the adult and the member of staff, we remain calm, consistent and professional at all times.

2 First attention to best conduct

Ensuring that we focus our attention on catching the students being good, recognising and praising it when we see it, and rewarding when appropriate.

3 Relentless routines

Ensuring that we regularly and consistently follow routines that encourage positive behaviour:

  • Reminding students of our key message: Ready—Respectful—Safe
  • Meeting and greeting students before every lesson
  • Giving our first attention to best conduct
  • Ensuring our first response is kindness
  • Maintaining our Recognition Boards in a timely manner
  • Contacting home to praise good behaviour

4 Scripting difficult behaviours

Ensuring that, in dealing with inappropriate behaviour, we respond with politeness, seek to de-escalate, allow the student time to reflect and provide opportunities to change poor behaviour choices.

5 Restorative follow-up

Ensuring that a student has an opportunity to talk through a behaviour incident in order to reflect on their choices and to ensure that relationships are repaired and rebuilt.

School Exclusions

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