Our world-class curriculum is far-reaching and consists of much more than just formal lessons. It has been developed to strengthen students’ literacy and to ensure high levels of outcomes and engagement.

Curriculum aims

Through the curriculum we aim to:

  • enable all students to achieve success and enjoy learning
  • inspire students to acquire a thirst for knowledge and lifelong learning
  • encourage students to become active, involved and responsible members of the community, aware of how to stay safe and embodying Ridgeway’s LEARN qualities

Curriculum big picture

Subject content

Go to our subject pages (see the link below) for topic lists showing the content that students study in each year group.


We divide the year into two for assessment purposes – winter and summer. We have two whole-school exam weeks – one in December and one in June. These exams test students on a wide range of knowledge which may come from any previous unit of work they have done. The diagram below shows how this works.

Curriculum leadership

Our curriculum is led by, collaborated on and delivered by high-quality subject specialists, working in teams and supported by lead practitioners to create the richest possible diet for our students.

Please email Mr Fields if you require further information about our curriculum.