Reporting an Absence

Reporting an absence that is Covid-related:

Call: 0151 678 3322 Option 1

Reporting any other reason for absence:

Call: 0151 678 3322 Option 2


Email Mrs Warbrick at

As part of our commitment to securing outstanding progress for every student, the school regularly monitors attendance and punctuality both to school and to lessons. The attendance target for every student is above 97%. Our attendance team and safeguarding officer work with the family of any child whose attendance is a cause for concern.

Students are also expected to arrive promptly each day to school and to arrive on time to every lesson during the day. Excuses such as ‘I needed to see someone’ or ‘I went to get a drink of water’ are not acceptable reasons for lateness to lesson. There is plenty of time before school, at break and at lunchtime for such things. Lesson time is for learning.

Excellent attendance, punctuality and time management matter. Students who attend regularly, are organised, on time for school and punctual to lessons are far more likely to make outstanding progress in their learning.

Term-time holidays

It is essential that your child attends school as regularly as possible. We work hard to support parents and students to ensure that this happens. We will only authorise leave of absence in ‘exceptional circumstances’.

If you believe that your circumstances meet the ‘exceptional’ criteria, please make a request in writing to the headteacher at least one month in advance. If you take your child on an unauthorised holiday during term time, you will be issued with an educational penalty notice.