We are very clear here that homework matters. Homework has a positive impact on outcomes: students who regularly complete homework are far more likely to make outstanding progress in school.

The benefits of homework


  • gets your child used to working alone and unsupervised
  • develops organisational skills
  • develops independent learning skills, including the ability to solve problems and to overcome obstacles, leading to greater self-confidence
  • helps the teacher to assess your child’s knowledge, skills and understanding
  • embeds core skills: literacy, numeracy, research and effective use of ICT
  • helps prepare your child for the demands of rigorous key stage 4 qualifications and life post-16

Key stage 3 homework

WE are recently introduced our new Key Stage 3 Homework Strategy. Details to follow.

Key stage 4 homework

At key stage 4 the policy is that at least one piece of homework is set per subject per week.

Class Charts

We regularly use the online platform Class Charts for homework.

Homework Club

One of the ways that we are supporting students with homework is by running a Homework Club. Anyone in key stage 3 (years 7 to 9) who wants to complete their homework in school is welcome to attend. There are members of the support staff in attendance to assist students as required. Homework Club runs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 3.30pm until 4.30pm in rooms 101 and 102.