The benefits of homework

Homework is important. Put simply, students who regularly complete homework are far more likely to make outstanding progress in school.

It is important that your child gets in the habit of doing homework regularly.


  • gets your child used to working alone and unsupervised
  • develops organisational skills
  • develops independent learning skills, including the ability to solve problems and overcome obstacles, leading to greater self-confidence
  • improves key skills, particularly literacy
  • helps your child embed what they learn in class in long-term memory so that they are able to remember more of what they learn

Key Stage 3 Homework Strategy

We recently introduced our new Key Stage 3 Homework Strategy. It is made up of three elements or ‘strands’:

  • Strand One: Reading for Pleasure – accelerating students’ learning by promoting literacy skills and a love of reading
  • Strand Two: Memory Mastery – strengthening students’ learning by helping them remember and recall more of what they learn
  • Strand Three: Above and Beyond – enriching students’ learning by deepening their subject appreciation

Homework in key stage 4

Homework in years 10 and 11 follows a similar approach as the Key Stage 3 Homework Strategy, modified to reflect the emphasis on GCSE preparation:

  • Reading for Study – focusing on texts that students are studying for their GCSEs
  • Memory Mastery – continuing the focus on helping students embed their learning in long-term memory
  • Above and Beyond – focusing on exam readiness via tasks that prepare students for mock and terminal exams

Homework Club

One of the ways that we are supporting students with homework is by running a Homework Club. Anyone who wants to complete their homework in school is welcome to attend. There are members of the support staff in attendance to assist students as required.

In line with our new school day starting in September 2022, Homework Club runs on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 2.35pm to 3.35pm.

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