University Taster Day

A Liverpool University taster day offered year 9 maths students fantastic STEM-related enrichment.

Fourteen year 9 students headed off to the University of Liverpool’s Faculty of Science and Engineering at the beginning of January to take part in a special STEM taster day organised by the university’s outreach team.

The students, who all show a particular aptitude for STEM-related learning (science, technology, engineering and maths), took part in three sessions during the day:

  • Dragon – a maths relay challenge, with teams competing against each other to answer the most questions correctly in a given amount of time. One of the Ridgeway teams achieved the highest score of all schools attending over the two days
  • Cool – a physics lecture about liquid nitrogen. Students were invited on stage to help smash a variety of everyday objects with a sledgehammer, demonstrating how liquid nitrogen can freeze them and make them brittle
  • Magic – working in teams to solve puzzles in order to build a magical realm by constructing 3D shapes and creating patterns

As Ridgeway’s headteacher, one of the things I am proudest of is the incredible range of enrichment opportunities we make available for students — extra-curricular clubs, Ridgeway Charter activities and challenges and so on.

I am sure these students had an amazing time. It will have given them experience of learning in a university environment as well as providing fantastic STEM-related enrichment.Mr Sterry