Christmas Hampers: An Amazing Response

The response of the Ridgeway community — students, families and staff — to our Christmas hampers collection competition has been incredible.

In just five days we have collected a total of 1,501 items — that’s six car loads!

This year’s effort has been part of Tranmere Rovers’ Super White Christmas Appeal, which is aiming to distribute 350 hampers in the run-up to Christmas. The items that the Ridgeway community has donated will help to fill these special Christmas hampers.

To add an element of fun, we organised the collection as a competition between forms. Well done to our three winning forms:

  • 9KC
  • 7MFA
  • 7JKE

Thank you for your incredible acts of kindness and generosity.
Miss Grundy

Miss Grundy said: “First of all, a huge well done to every individual and every form that donated. Despite this being an incredibly tough year, the total of 1501 items we received exceeds the number of items donated in each of the last three years.

“It never fails to amaze me how generous we are as a school. We should all feel proud of our amazing efforts! Thank you for your incredible acts of kindness and generosity. Every single item will help to make Christmas a very special time this year for people in the local community who face extremely challenging circumstances.”