University Taster Day

Five of our top Year 10 mathematicians attended an enrichment session at the University of Liverpool, the focus of which was the value of studying mathematics at degree level.

Mr Fields said: “We arrived at the mathematics building to listen to a lecture on the benefits of studying A level maths and then going to university to study maths at degree level. It certainly opened students’ eyes to the huge benefits of having an excellent grade in GCSE mathematics.

“We then went to a seminar room to learn about the Mayan number system and how it relates to our base ten system. It was delivered by maths students who are currently studying at the University of Liverpool. They also answered questions about university life, which I think really helped our students to get a feel for what it is really like.

“Talking afterwards with the students, I think they all left feeling inspired to study maths or a related mathematical subject at further and higher education level.

“These visits and others that we run throughout the year are part of our commitment to offering high-quality enrichment opportunities and aspirational careers support and guidance to all our students.”