What is Tassomai?

Tassomai organises students’ independent revision and supports them in learning the knowledge required for exams. It is tailored to the specific course that each student is studying. When used effectively, it has been shown to produce excellent results.

Tassomai uses multiple-choice-style micro-quizzes to build knowledge and boost confidence. The content is broken down into bite-sized chunks. It is an ‘intelligent’ learning program in the sense that — after an initial assessment period — an algorithm works out what the student knows and where they need to focus their efforts.

It includes a progress tracker so that the user can check whether or not they are on track. It is recommended that using the programme for about 15 minutes every day will keep a student on track. As a parent you can support your child by monitoring their data platform — which is easy to do — and encouraging them to log on frequently.

Who is using Tassomai?

We use Tassomai with all year groups.

More information about Tassomai for parents and students