Royal Institution Masterclass

In February 2019, we welcomed a visitor from the Royal Institution education team, Alison Eves, who delivered a masterclass to Year 10 mathematicians. In her own words, they had “fun with magic squares and hexaflexagons”.

Alison also worked with the students on presentation skills. The reason for this is that the Year 10s were later involved in delivering a mathematics lesson to 25 primary pupils who visited Ridgeway for the morning.

Mr Taylor said afterwards: “Activities like this are great for improving students’ understanding of mathematics and for character development.”

I really enjoyed working with the Royal Institution because I learnt things about numbers that I didn’t even know existed. When I walked through the door, I knew it would be interesting. I loved meeting Alison. It was great working with her.A fortnight later, we were delivering the masterclass that we had been trained for to a group of primary students. The students all looked so excited to be at Ridgeway High School. Every one of the Year 10 session leaders had a part to play that day, and all of us thoroughly enjoyed working with the younger children because they were all enthusiastic and polite. I think they learnt a lot that day. I would be really excited to deliver another session in the future.

Caitlyn Hutchings, Year 10