Lockdown Arrangements

The government announced last night (Monday 4 January) a new lockdown for England. These new rules supersede earlier arrangements.

The arrangements for lockdown are as follows:

School is open for:

  • any student classed as vulnerable (this is a term used for students who have either an EHCP or a social worker)
  • any student with a parent who is a key worker

All other students will learn remotely from home.

We are organising learning as follows for students in years 7–11 who are at home during this time:

  • We will provide remote learning (e-learning)
  • Students working remotely will be required to attend registration in a virtual manner through Zoom every morning
  • Remote learning will be provided through Class Charts and will be set for every lesson

The government has said that the lockdown will be in place until the February half-term break at the earliest.

If you are a key worker and require a place for your child please email us at schooloffice@ridgeway.wirral.sch.uk

If there is an issue accessing Class Charts, the online learning platform we use, please email Jayne Warbrick at warbrickj@ridgeway.wirral.sch.uk

If you feel that your child is vulnerable but does not have an EHCP or a social worker, and that they need their usual routine and the pastoral support we can provide, please email Ms Williams at williamsl@ridgeway.wirral.sch.uk to request a place in school.