Are You Able to Support Our Encounters with Employees Week 2024?

Are you an employee or a local business/employer? Are you able to support our important Futures (careers) work with students by taking part in an Encounters with Employees session in March?

If so, we would love to hear from you! Please email our Futures team.

Encounters with Employees Week is a highlight of the Ridgeway Futures calendar and a fantastic opportunity for students to think about post-16 pathways.

We are running special Encounters with Employees sessions here in school between Monday 25 March and Thursday 28 March.

The idea is for every student to hear directly from people currently in the world of work to help them gain a greater awareness and understanding of employment and potential career journeys.

If you have previously supported this event, you will notice that it is slightly earlier this year. This is so that students in every year group have the opportunity to hear from someone involved in the world of work.

At the heart of our ethos is LEARN for Success (Leadership, Endurance, Aspiration, Respect and Nurture). We want to raise students’ aspirations by giving them the opportunity to engage with people in the workplace who are able to offer first-hand accounts of their own work-related experiences.

Volunteering to take part will involve about one hour of your time.

More about what is involved

During Encounters with Employees Week students will opt for one session each based on a sector that they are interested in.

For you as a visitor this will involve one hour of your time. During that hour we would like you to deliver a presentation about your sector (lasting around 40 minutes) and then hold a short question-and-answer session (lasting around 10 minutes). There will of course be a member of staff on hand at all times to support and help out.

The one-hour slots will be as follows:

  • Period 1: 8.45am – 9.45am
  • Period 3: 11am – 12pm
  • Period 5: 1.35pm – 2.35pm
  • Period 6: 2.35pm – 3.35pm (Tuesday and Wednesday only)

Information we need from you

All we need to know at this stage is:

  • your name
  • your job role
  • what sector you work in
  • your preferred date and time slot

Please email our Futures team.

Some suggestions of what to include in your presentation

  • Key skills and responsibilities/job roles in your sector
  • Your past education and the route you took to enter your sector
  • Any relevant personal experiences
  • Tasks or projects you have worked on
  • Challenges you have faced

What we will provide

  • A classroom! This will have a TV screen and seats for around 30 students
  • The room will be set up in rows. This can be altered if you let us know what you want before you arrive
  • A laptop. This has the facility to offer sound as well. Please bring your presentation with you on a USB or feel free to email it to us in advance

And finally…

We understand that you have a busy work schedule and really appreciate you considering coming to Ridgeway to meet with our students and offer your insights into the world of work. The students will remember this experience and it will undoubtedly help them with the decisions they will be making about their own future pathways.