Narrative Writing Masterclass

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and your students, and I am grateful for their engagement and commitment. The twenty-five students attending are excellent ambassadors for the school. No doubt this is due to the support and teaching they receive! They can be very proud of their achievements and I hope they continue to grow in confidence as writers.
Julie Lamin, author and creative-writing expert

Author and creative writing expert Julie Lamin was clearly impressed with the attitude to learning of Year 9 and Year 10 students. After teaching a scintillating masterclass, Julie left them with words of encouragement and thanks.

The aim of the masterclass was to work on narrative writing skills – developing voice, plot and story hooks. Julie passed on plenty of tips and tricks from her experience of the creative process. The students were also fortunate enough to be the first people to read the opening of Julie’s latest novel, Beyond The Volcano, her first fiction writing for young adults.

Students were involved in three separate activities:

  • Recalling their own knowledge of what makes a successful piece of writing
  • Reading and critiquing Julie’s work
  • Writing their own pieces, using knowledge gathered during the session

They were inquisitive throughout, asking Julie a variety of questions about her writing, her inspiration for her new novel and its themes. Julie was able to tell them about her trips to Latin America, particularly Nicaragua, which helped inspire her to write the book.