Leadership at Ridgeway

  • Taking on responsibility
  • Acting as a role model
  • Representing yourself, the school and the community with pride

Opportunities to adopt leadership roles do much to encourage ambition and aspiration, build character and self-confidence, and develop resilience – all qualities which are essential for effective learning and help students achieve in the classroom and beyond. The experience of leadership enables a student to go to the next level, to exceed expectations and truly to excel.

We encourage students to participate fully in the life of the school. Our students’ voice can be clearly heard, taking a lead in moving the school forward. A re-design of the school logo, organisation of an end-of-term activity day and changes to the canteen menu are examples of recent changes masterminded by the student liaison team, all explained by the students themselves in a week of special assemblies.

From volunteering for positions of responsibility such as Student Voice representatives and sports leaders, students can graduate to positions on the student senior leadership team — led by our head girl and head boy — which mirrors the school staffing structure.