How do we use HegartyMaths to support remote learning?

We have adapted the lesson model in maths so that each lesson has the questions set on HegartyMaths. This means that students can access the help available on the HegartyMaths website, and receive feedback and support from their teacher for each lesson.

What is HegartyMaths?

HegartyMaths has been designed by Colin Hegarty, an award-winning teacher. It is based around a website where each individual mathematics topic (850+ topics in total) is explained in a 10-minute video tutorial, with follow-up questions for students to practise at home.

HegartyMaths is rooted in the principles of cognitive science: in other words, it is designed to make learning more effective. In particular, it links new learning with previous learning and focuses on improving students’ long-term memory.

How to use HegartyMaths

Your child should watch the video set by the teacher and make notes on modelled examples either on paper or in their exercise book, if they have it. They will then be able to use these notes when answering the questions that follow the video. The questions will include links to the specific part of the video that explains the type of question being asked, so if your child is stuck they can go back and re-watch the explanation in the video.

If your child is still unsure on how to answer a question, HegartyMaths also lists ‘building blocks’ video tutorials. This allows your child to work through the previous learning that is needed to understand the new topic.

If your child has completed all their homework and would like to complete some further revision or learning, they can search for a topic of interest in the search bar and then complete the video and the assessment questions as they would if a teacher had set the homework.

HegartyMaths records what your child does and reports it back to the teacher. It also allows you, as a parent, to see everything your child needs to learn. You can watch videos along with your child and help them learn the skills and techniques for each topic.

HegartyMaths tracks the mistakes your child is making and so it is able to focus on improving areas of weakness. This makes for really effective independent learning.

Who is using HegartyMaths?

We use HegartyMaths with every year group.

More information about HegartyMaths for parents and students