Face Coverings

We are following new guidance on face coverings issued by Wirral’s director of public health. This came into effect on Monday 21 September.

There are two main changes from previous guidance.

Firstly, parents are asked to wear a face covering when picking up and dropping off their child. Staff on duty at the front of school are also wearing face coverings.

Secondly, students are expected to wear a face covering inside the building in communal areas. This means:

  • when they enter the building and move to their classroom
  • when they are moving around inside the building
  • when queuing for lunch
  • when going out to the playground after eating lunch

Students are not required to wear a face covering when they are actually sat down eating lunch, when they are in lessons or when they are outside.

Students have also been helping to make navy-blue face coverings in form time. These are to be left in stationery packs. They can be used as a back-up in the event that someone forgets to bring a face covering to school.

In addition to implementing this new guidance, we continue to remind students about the importance of basic hygiene routines:

  • regular hand-washing / use of sanitiser
  • using and disposing of tissues when blowing your nose etc
  • observing physical distancing as much as possible

Here is a copy of the letter to parents and carers from Wirral’s director of public health:

Letter to Parents 17 Sept 2020 Download